Writing website copy is no small task. Not only does your content need to be informative and engaging to prompt the desired contact, sign-up or purchase from visitors, but it also needs to be attractive to search engines, both critical factors in your website’s success.

Website Copywriting

Our Methodology:

Website Copywriting

We approach writing website copy in the same way an author approaches writing a novel – research, planning, getting to know the protagonist and antagonist, etc. We take the time to learn about your business or organization, your competitors, your market industry and your objectives. We never produce off the shelf or generic content, instead we write relevant website copy that speaks in your voice, is appealing to your visitors and ranks well for the keywords your business is competing for.

We charge approximately $300/page of standard website copy (up to 250 words). We also offer sales copywriting with split (A/B testing) and multivariate testing services.

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